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Meet Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson Realtor and Investor
Keller Williams Realty - Coral Springs, FL | Serving Broward County

About Me

Hey! Want to know some fun facts about me?


At a young age, my father exposed me to real estate investing as he owned a moderate portfolio of rental properties. 


I would accompany him as he managed the properties that he owned in Broward County, Florida.


Eventually, as I learned more about the acquisition side of the business, I grew fond of the idea of wealth creation via property ownership.


In 2005, I purchased my first property followed by several others over the years. In 2016, I acquired my real estate license to begin helping others buy and sell property just as I had done. 


Since obtaining my license, I have been able to leverage my personal experiences of buying, selling, renovating and managing property to advise and assist my clients throughout their real estate journey.


More importantly, I have been blessed with becoming a part of my clients' wealth creation story while helping them achieve their real estate goals.


Today, I am grateful to be helping people throughout Broward County buy and sell homes at the best price!

Get a Free Custom Property Analysis

The first step in deciding to move is to get a crystal clear understanding of the value of your home and the highest potential sale price when the sale is executed right.

To achieve this, no 1-click online tool can get you the level of understanding that ensures the best outcome for you and your family.

If you'd like to get things started on the right foot, request a free custom property analysis from me below.

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